Augmented Reality is currently one of the leading edge technologies in terms of image processing and visualising data. With the capabilities of everyday smartphones at users disposable its possible to create a new dynamic to any mobile application to better utilize data and engage the user. At Advance we look towards the future by providing VR and AR services to cater for solving any business requirements.


AR Possibilities

Advance provides custom solutions to cater for any augmented reality (AR) scenario to enrich existing business solutions and expand the realm of possibility. At Advance we specialise in development for smartphone AR amongst others


An AR user manual allows you to deliver the information about how to use your product in an engaging, rapid and understandable way


AR revolutionises marketing campaigns attracting consumers by providing a new level of interaction with products

Inventory control

AR stock management combines AI and AR to identify low stock in order to speed up warehouse process flows and provide on demand logistics

News in the world of AR

Below are some illustrations to the power of augmented reality (AR) in industry which serves as examples of the amazing possibilities of these technologies. Please have a look at the amazing work these companies have achieved

Combine your existing security workflow with an AI-powered 3D Alert Center to streamline your incident response and increase your real-time threat detection capabilities.




AR technologies

Some of the AR technologies and hardware for creating modern AR applications

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