Welcome to Advance Your technical development partner Advance provides tailored, professional services over the entire spectrum of software development, data integration and business automation. Division of EPI-USE A group of software and professional services companies The Group comprises a number of specialist firms, each concentrating on services and software products addressing areas that are non-core, yet business-critical to large commercial and public sector enterprises. The result is solutions that enhance shareholder value across a wide spectrum of industries. Maintaining a culture of innovation Implementing lightweight, agile software engineering methodologies Advance assist and enable organizations to achieve their strategic objectives and to broaden their competitive edge by implementing efficient and purpose-built technology.

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Advance provides professional services over the entire spectrum of IT development disciplines with complementary services such as IoT and related component manufacturing.

In our quest to achieve outstanding client recognition we adhere to guiding principles that has become an inherent part of what we do. We continually deliver value by finding simple solutions for difficult problems.

Our unique approach allows us to service from localised clients to global industry giants across trades and knowledge domains.

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Our Services

Rapid Application Development Services

We can help you to gain competitive advantage from high quality, efficient and tailor-made software solutions.   

Systems Integration

We employ the latest technologies to empower our clients and foster collaboration between business and IT.

Machine Learning

We offer consulting and software services to enable the development of data-driven business opportunities in your organisation.


With the emphasis on the elimination of usability problems from the core user experience, our unique UX design process ensures that your users will be both comfortable and captivated by your software’s capabilities.

Cloud Computing

Our Cloud Computing service enables clients to leverage on-demand, elastic, fully managed software solutions provided by local and multinational providers benefiting from significant innovations in virtualization and distributed computing. We partner with our clients on the journey from on-premise applications to private or public cloud services.

Internet of Things

We provide solutions that holistically address your IoT needs, including bespoke electronics development and manufacturing, bespoke software & electronics and data sciences.

find out more LogBox Your medical life simplified LogBox provides a way for patients to enter their demographic information once, and share it with their healthcare professional on a convenient and secure platform. Our Products find out more iD2 Bringing you energy to live by iD2 is a solutions-driven company that creates systems and technology to transform the lives of people. We have the vision to change communities for the better through improved energy management. Our Products advance-product-eventspace find out more Eventspace Your event registration and attendance portal Eventspace is a system to help Event Organisers in managing their events. This includes sending invitations to the event. The 'invitation' brings the invitee to registering for the event. Our Products find out more Vetbox Work integrated learning Vetbox is an application that measures the quality of training in a work integration learning environment. The application enables the recording of exposure to procedures by the veterinary students in their clinical rotation year. Our Products

Seeking young, brilliant minds!

We are seeking brilliant and passionate individuals who would like to work alongside the best software engineers, software testers and data professionals in the industry. If you are a self-motivated, skilled, hard working individual, that is willing to learn and grow, Advance is the place for you.

We believe that education comes first. Students that wish to further their studies will be given the opportunity to focus on their studies while gaining valuable industry experience.

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